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How do you spot the cat pregnancy

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Is your cat expecting? – This means exciting times for you both! But not to worry – Cats intuitively know how to manage and are pretty self-sufficient for the most part.  However, you can help the future mum to be as comfortable as possible and help her with the task of delivering healthy kittens into this world. What is the duration of a cat’s pregnancy? What is a perfect birthing box and what will the event itself look like? Many questions will come to mind when you have not experienced this before. This is why we have collected all the necessary information here for you on what a pregnant cat needs and what important factors should be considered – a digital birth preparation so to speak!How do you spot the pregnancy – https://www.catsbest.eu/pregnant-cats/?There are certain signs telling you that your animal could be pregnant. Many are slightly similar to the ones we know from human beings. Cravings for particular foods are an indicator as well as morning sickness and a steadily growing belly. If your cat has suddenly even more cravings than usual and gets bigger around the waist,  that still doesn’t necessarily mean that offspring is in sight!However, if this is accompanied by morning sickness, if the nipples are swollen and your cat is even more affectionate than usual, the accumulating signs could well mean that you can count on additional kittens in your house soon. When do cats get pregnant?Cats are extremely fertile animals.A non-castrated cat can deliver up to three times a year! As soon as it is fertile and receptive, it can get pregnant.  The fertile, or “on heat” days are obviously those on which your cat can get pregnant. Receptive and non-castrated, this can be the case every two to three weeks. At what age are cats sexually mature?When do cats reach sexual maturity?Cats can – according to breed – be receptive as of the fourth or fifth month: Abyssinian, Sacred Birman and Siam cats can get pregnant at this age, while Persians need to reach seven to eight months to be able to become mother cats. The weight also plays a significant role. A “randy” behaviour of the cat indicates that it is ready to mate. This can occur several times a year and the phase can take between 7 and 10 days, only to start again within 2 or three weeks time. Cats behaviour – https://www.catsbest.eu/ “on heat”The phase of a cat’s readiness to mate is called being “randy” or “on heat”. Hormones play a significant role here: During this period, the oestrogen levels are rising, the ovulation is near and the female starts looking for a tom cat – if there are several prospective partners around, things can get pretty exciting!In the open wild, the cat may accept several mating partners, which is why the kittens often look so different from each other.  Watch the mating behaviourRolling about, setting off distinct fragrances, loud mewing and maybe even tail and bottom pointing upwards all are symptoms to say: “It’s mating season!”  This means the cat is on heat and ready to mate. Some cats even loose their appetite during this period. Normally, this “randy” phase lasts until a suitable mating partner is found, then it’s “back home again”.For how long is a cat pregnant?Until the offspring is developed enough to enter this world, around two months will go by. The young ones go through different stages of development until they are ready for birthing.  Depending on the breed, kittens are born after 58 – 67 days of gestation. Smaller breeds don’t take as long as larger ones. If nothing has happened around the 70th day, you should consult a vet who will examine the mother cat thoroughly and give advice on how to proceed.Duration and phases of the gestation period Day 6: Transfer of the fertilised eggs to the uterusDay 12: Settling in the uterine wallDay 15: Connection of the embryos with the mother cat’s circulatory system.Day 21: The embryos can now be seen via an ultrasound scan. Day 28: The embryos are 3-4 cm in sizeDay 38: Nerves, sensory organs and muscles are developed. Day 50: The babies in the making are ca. 7 cm in size now and the fur is growingDay 60: “Ready for delivery”The kittens are preparing for the big day. They are now complete, tiny cats “with all the trimmings” and measure ca. 13 cm shortly before delivery.How many kittens make a litter? The number of kittens per litter varies. One – two – or up to five cat babies enter the world at once, sometimes even six!This depends on the breed as well as on the mating ritual: When did the female mate and with how many pa

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