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7 best ways to make money from writing

marketing online resolution November 11, 2021

Augusta Free Press

Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021, 11:11 am

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In the past, only extraordinary writers got to have their voices heard. Now, every decent writer can put their work out there for people to read. As a writer, now is the best time for you to write. You cannot only publish personal stories to your audience, but you can also make money writing. There are thousands of individuals and businesses that are looking for people to pay for their writing services. Therefore, as long as you keep writing and working hard, you can make a full-time job out of writing.

Besides writing a book, you can work as a writer for different needs and capacities. With this article, you will learn the 7 best ways to make money from writing.

Start a blog

One way you can make money from writing is to start a blog. When starting a blog, you should consider writing about something you are good at. Once you have decided on your target niche, you should select a suitable domain name and blogging platform for your blog. You can find the best essay writing company to create excellent blog posts before you eventually become an expert blogger.

Write online content for others

You can make money as a writer by writing online content for others. Several online and offline platforms are looking for expert writers. These platforms include:

  • Publications,
  • Specialized websites,
  • Blogs,
  • Advertising companies.

All you need to do is to network and make a pitch to your target platforms. Show them samples of what you can offer. If you are an expert in a niche but not a good writer, you can use professional writers for hire at the beginning of your journey.

Ghostwriting gigs

As a writer, you can provide several platforms articles and blog posts in your name as discussed earlier. Equally, you can write content as a ghostwriter. Working as a ghostwriter, your clients will have full access to your work. They can decide to put their name, a company’s name, or any other name. However, once you create content as a ghostwriter, you cannot use the content.

Write greeting cards

You can approach an online greeting card platform to offer your services. There are hundreds of platforms looking for short, well-written messages. If you want to take it to the next level, you can write content on greeting cards in a few other languages. You can use several language apps to learn a handful of foreign languages.

Write on freelance websites

If you are not good with approaching clients for work directly, you can use freelance websites to get writing jobs. Several freelancing platforms provide you with different types of opportunities. You can work on platforms that allow you to bid for writing jobs. Other platforms let you display your portfolio for clients to contact you.

Write and publish a book

If you want to work as a traditional writer, you can write and publish books through a publisher. You can also self-publish your books directly. Several websites allow you to self-publish books.

Work as an editor/proofreader

As a writer, you can work as an editor or proofreader. As an editor, you can get employment on online publication websites. You can also provide proofreading services to students and several other clients.


When you write for a living, you have several opportunities to make money. You can write content for your business or that of your clients. Such content can be articles, greeting cards, and much more. Additionally, you can work as a ghostwriter. With the right skills, you can work on freelance platforms for clients. Finally, you can write and publish your books with or without a publisher.

Story by Michael Carr. He is a writer who writes articles in different niches. He constantly provides blog posts and articles to several websites. In addition, Michael has published several books on various topics.



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