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Most Affordable Online Digital Marketing Degrees 2021

marketing online resolution February 4, 2021

Most Affordable Online Degrees in Digital Marketing Badge

Marketing professionals create advertising campaigns that people encounter during their daily life. Many of these professionals work in digital marketing, creating the advertisements people see on the internet.

A digital marketing degree prepares individuals for entry-level positions. After gaining professional experience, degree-holders may qualify for more advanced roles in the field. Applicants to on-campus or online digital marketing degree programs typically need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some programs require standardized test scores.

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Digital marketing experts with professional experience often secure positions as advertising, promotions, and marketing managers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals earn a median salary of more than $135,000 per year. The BLS projects employment for these managers to increase 6% from 2019-2029, a rate faster than the average for all occupations.

Top 10 Most Affordable Online Digital Marketing Degrees

Rank School Location
1 New England College of Business Boston, MA
2 University of Maryland Global Campus Adelphi, MD
3 Granite State College Concord, NH
4 University of Wisconsin-Stout Menomonie, WI
5 University of Phoenix Tempe, AZ
6 Post University Waterbury, CT
7 Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs, CO
8 National University La Jolla, CA
9 Strayer University Herndon, VA
10 Independence University Salt Lake City, UT


  • How do I become a digital marketer?

    Most positions in this field require a digital marketing degree. However, a degree in a related field, such as public relations, can also lead to a digital marketing career.

  • Is digital marketing well paid?

    According to Glassdoor, digital marketers without supervisory responsibilities earn an average salary of $52,860 per year. Earning potential depends on the individual’s experience and geographic location.

  • Which degree is best for digital marketing?

    Aspiring digital marketers can choose from on-campus and online digital marketing degrees. Many online programs offer scheduling flexibility for working professionals.

  • What does a career in digital marketing look like?

    Digital marketers use hardware and software to create apps, develop content strategy, and guide the creative direction of projects. Other typical responsibilities include using analytical tools to determine the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

According to Glassdoor, digital marketers without supervisory responsibilities earn an average salary of $52,860 per year. Earning potential depends on the individual’s experience and geographic location.” } },{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Which degree is best for digital marketing?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Aspiring digital marketers can choose from on-campus and online digital marketing degrees. Many online programs offer scheduling flexibility for working professionals.” } },{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “What does a career in digital marketing look like?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Digital marketers use hardware and software to create apps, develop content strategy, and guide the creative direction of projects. Other typical responsibilities include using analytical tools to determine the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.” } }] } ]]>

Most Affordable Online Digital Marketing Degrees 2021

  1. New England College of Business


    The New England College of Business, a private college in Boston, is dedicated solely to online education. This college offers degrees and certificates in business, international business, and digital marketing to undergraduate and graduate degrees. The online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing at the New England College of Business and Finance is designed for students seeking equal levels of experience in business and marketing.

    Program Features

    Students will receive a strong foundation in digital advertising, SEO, and mobile marketing, among other crucial topics. Candidates have the option to specialize in topics such as Viral Marketing and Email Marketing, among others. Regardless of the specialty chosen, each graduate will have taken classes such as:

    • Digital Advertising
    • Laws, Ethics, and Social Responsibility in a Digital Age
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Fundamentals of Web Design


    This university has been offering distance education for over 15 years and has received multiple recognitions for its digital programs. Most notably, the school won a Gold Practice Award for Distance Learning from the U.S. Distance Learning Association. Best yet, this degree is within reach of any student, regardless of their background or budget.

  2. University of Maryland Global Campus


    With a total enrollment of roughly 57,000 students, the University of Maryland at University College has all the prestige of a large, public institution, with the affordability and overall value of a private college. The university offers over 90 degrees and certificates, all in high demand fields. The online Marketing degree is affordable and provides students with a high value for minimal expense.

    Program Features

    The online Marketing degree at the University of Maryland – University College is designed to prepare students for an increasingly competitive global market. This degree is highly versatile, enabling students to pursue careers in management, marketing research, or sales at the private or public level. Required classes include:

    • Business Ethics
    • Global Marketing
    • Managing Customer Relationships
    • Marketing Research
    • Nonprofit Marketing


    This university, which offers a flexible rolling admissions policy, is incredibly affordable. The University of Maryland is a leading provider of online education, as well as education services to the U.S. Military. This college offers campuses in over 20 countries and territories and offers excellent student support services, including 24-hour technical support, online writing centers, and career advising.

  3. Overview

    Granite State College is part of the expensive New Hampshire State University System, offering a campus in Concord, New Hampshire as well as additional locations all over the state. In addition to a dynamic degree in Digital and Social Media, Granite State also offers related programs in Marketing, Management, Leadership, Communications and Media, and more.

    Program Features

    Granite State offers future digital marketers one of the most creative programs, emphasizing the importance of design in this fully online curriculum. While each student’s schedule will vary, a sample schedule might include:

    • Design Fundamentals
    • Web Development
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Media and Strategic Communication
    • Living in a Digital Democracy


    This college boasts one of the lowest tuition rates in all of New England, with online degrees that are ranked as some of the best by U.S. News and World Report. Even better, Granite State offers course credit for prior military, workplace, and volunteer-based training, as well as life experiences. This flexibility helps you to finish a college degree with less time and money spent in a traditional classroom setting.

  4. University of Wisconsin-Stout


    Located in Menomonie, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin – Stout offers one of the top professional degrees in Digital Marketing Technology. This university, with a strong emphasis on polytechnics, provides students with an education that is career-focused, giving them the skills necessary to be successful in any setting. The University of Wisconsin – Stout is a leader in preparing students for exciting, challenging jobs, boasting a 97 percent career placement rate.

    Program Features

    This degree focuses closely on the technical aspects of digital marketing, with students engaging in collaborative computing, web technologies, and related subjects. It is highly flexible and gives students experience in HTML5, CSS3, and even social media marketing. The program includes a summer cooperative experience and hands-on projects. A variety of classes are offered, including:

    • Information and Communication Technologies Analytics
    • Web Production and Distribution
    • Information Systems for Enterprise


    The University of Wisconsin – Stout receives a high amount of research funding and overall recognition, allowing them to provide all students, including undergraduates, with ample research and project-based experience. As a result of this factor, as well as the university’s overall affordability and value, the school is top-ranked by multiple affiliates, having received recognition as a Top Public School, Best Value School, and Best College for Veterans by U.S. News and World Report in 2018.

  5. Overview

    The University of Phoenix, a proprietary university dedicated solely to distance learning programs, offers several degrees in Digital Marketing. Students may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Marketing Certificate or a Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. The curriculum of this program was designed and approved by chief marketing officers, CEOs, and other top experts, with students taking multiple classes in consumer behavior, business, and brand management.

    Program Features

    Students with previously-earned credits, as well as those with related practical work experience, may be able to get credit for material they already know. The program requires 120 total credit-hours, with core courses frontloaded at the beginning of the degree program. Students will take classes such as:

    • Small Business Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Hospitality Marketing
    • Consumer Behavior


    Tuition and fees at the University of Phoenix are shockingly low, with tuition starting at just $398 per credit-hour. Even better, this program has a no-nonsense approach to education, allowing students to study the most important material at the times that are most convenient to them – there’s no filling in a schedule with classes that don’t advance your career at this university. Courses are short, offered in just five-week chunks.

  6. Overview

    Post University, a private university located in Waterbury, Connecticut, offers 30 different undergraduate and graduate degrees, with most studying entirely online. Post’s distance learning programs are some of the best-ranked in the entire country. This university was one of the first in the nation to offer degrees entirely online, and as a result, provides some of the most well-rounded and career-focused curricula.

    Program Features

    The Marketing degree allows students to specialize in a medley of options, including Digital Marketing, International Marketing, Market Research, Integrated Marketing Communications, Sports Marketing, and many others. Regardless of the concentration, required classes include:

    • Consumer Behavior
    • Retail Merchandising and Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Strategic Marketing


    Post is ranked as one of the best providers of distance learning programs by U.S. News and World Report. High praise has been given to the university, especially in regards to its ease of access, availability of student services, and especially its affordability. Post offers small class sizes, with students having the option to complete courses at nights, on the weekends, and at an accelerated pace.

  7. Colorado Technical University Location

    Colorado Springs, CO


    Colorado Technical University is well-known for its contributions to online learning, with over 90 percent of its students studying online. The Bachelor of Business Administration degrees offers a concentration in Digital Marketing that gives students experience in traditional marketing as well as newer online topics, such as data analysis and social media marketing.

    Program Features

    This university is unique in that it offers a CTU Fast Track model, a curriculum structure that enables students to move quickly through a series of mini-modules. This means that students are assessed and can progress based on what they know and can do, instead of on their status in a given term’s timeline. A sample schedule might include classes like:

    • Branding and Visual Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization and Web Design
    • Consumer Behavior Fundamentals
    • Marketing and the Virtual Marketplace


    This university, which is almost wholly funded by the US government (including the Department of Defense), is ranked as one of the most veteran-friendly in the nation. This is due partly to the university’s commitment to student services, ease of access, and overall affordability. Tuition starts at just $325 per credit-hour. As a result, U.S. News and World Report has ranked the online degrees at Colorado Technical University as among the top 100 in the nation.

  8. Overview

    National University is headquartered in idyllic La Jolla, California, and offers campuses throughout the state as well as a booming online campus. The school consists of four professional schools and two colleges, offering a wide range of degrees to students from all backgrounds. The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications is highly interdisciplinary, giving students a well-rounded blend of marketing and advertising courses, as well as those necessary to enhance their communication and leadership skills.

    Program Features

    This program is highly customizable, allowing students to diversify their studies through electives such as Global Marketing and Communication. Most students will take around 180 quarter units, at least 76 of which are at the upper-division level. In general, students will take classes such as:

    • Intercultural Communication
    • Professional Presentations
    • Channel and Value Networks
    • Communication Campaigns
    • e-Marketing


    National University was founded by a retired military member, and as a result is one of the most veteran-friendly universities in the country. The school has a coveted Yellow Ribbon distinction and offers programs to students in all 50 states and nearly 65 countries. Today, the school has over 150,000 alumni worldwide, providing current students with more bang for their buck while also ensuring them that they will be supported in their careers by a robust network of proud past graduates.

  9. Overview

    Strayer University, located in Washington, DC, was founded in 1892 and offers an incredibly low tuition rate – under $13,000 per year. This school was designed with adult students in mind and provides a variety of business, information technology, and other programs entirely online as well as at 78 other campuses across the country.

    Program Features

    With 40 courses to degree completion, this degree offers a flexible curriculum that allows students to specialize in areas such as digital analytics and social media marketing. Required classes include:

    • Consumer Behavior
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Management Concepts
    • Business Ethics
    • Marketing Research and Digital Analysis


    Strayer is top-ranked among its peers, with students raving about its support services, academic quality, and affordability. Nine out of ten Strayer students would recommend the university to a friend or family member. In addition to a low overall tuition rate, Strayer also offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships and a unique Graduation Fund that allows students to build up financing for their last few undergraduate classes.

  10. Independence University Location

    Salt Lake City, UT


    Independence University has no physical campus, offering all of its programs entirely online. This school, which is affiliated with Stevens-Henager College, offers programs in graphic arts, technology, healthcare, and business. Its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration comes with an optional New Media Marketing concentration, allowing students to gain experience in areas such as business management and social media development.

    Program Features

    This program can be completed in as little as 20 months, allowing students a fast-track to a rewarding career. The curriculum focuses on key business areas, like accounting finances, sales, and marketing, and includes hands-on projects and research along with theoretical coursework. Students will gain experience in areas such as:

    • Social Media for Business
    • Technology in Marketing
    • Retail Marketing
    • Operations Management


    This convenient program is employment-focused, with Independence offering students nationwide professional connections to industry partners like Brand Makers, Holzer Health Systems, and MassMutual Financial Group, among many others. Students receive access to personalized support services, along with employment assistance to ease the transition from college to the workforce. Tuition at Independence includes the use of a tablet or laptop device and starts at around $16,000 per year.

What Are the Goals of a Digital Marketing Degree?

Digital marketing programs emphasize the knowledge and skills that entry-level marketing professionals apply daily. Students learn about marketing principles, digital marketing strategies, and business communication. Degree-seekers also develop transferable skills during general education courses. Digital marketing students typically earn a BA or BS, the latter of which requires fewer general education courses.

Marketing students can pursue a specialization to prepare for specific careers. Typical digital marketing program specializations include digital technology and digital marketing applications. To earn a specialization, learners must typically pass multiple upper-division electives. Career counselors can help learners choose the best specialization for their goals.

Why Get a Digital Marketing Degree?

Students enroll in digital marketing degree programs for a variety of reasons. Many learners earn a marketing degree immediately after graduating high school, while others pursue higher education to advance their current career. The following list highlights a few benefits of completing a digital marketing program.

Join a Growing Industry Companies and organizations need highly trained digital marketers to reach customers all over the world. Because of the increasing importance of digital marketing, graduates of programs in the field often have ample employment opportunities. Qualify for Entry-Level Careers The digital marketing industry encompasses many positions. After gaining professional experience, graduates of digital marketing degree programs often obtain jobs at top corporations. Earn a High Salary Individuals with an online digital marketing degree often qualify for high-paying positions. Particularly, most management positions in the field pay salaries that are well above average. Collaborate With Peers Digital marketing professionals collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds. Earning a bachelor’s degree in the field helps learners hone their interpersonal and communication skills. Use Creative Skills Digital marketers must think creatively to meet the needs of employers and clients. While completing digital marketing programs, students gain knowledge in key concepts and practice applying creative skills.

What Are the Requirements for a Digital Marketing Degree?

Application requirements vary by school. Some institutions require prospective students to speak with an admissions advisor before applying. Applicants must typically submit high school transcripts or GED scores. Schools may also require recommendation letters and standardized test scores.

Generally, transfer applicants must submit official undergraduate transcripts. Many of the top online schools partner with community and junior colleges to facilitate a smooth transfer process. Admissions counselors provide transfer students with additional resources.

Students pursuing a digital marketing degree must typically meet specific academic requirements, such as maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA and obtaining a minimum grade in each course. Many digital marketing programs feature a capstone course during which learners synthesize knowledge from previous coursework.

What is Accreditation and Why Does it Matter?

Professional Organizations for Digital Marketing Students

Students earning a digital marketing degree obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field. Learners can also take advantage of opportunities to network with potential employers. Professional organizations such as those below connect student members with job boards, mentorship programs, and publications related to digital marketing.

  • American Marketing Association Students and professionals in the marketing field can join the AMA. Student members pay a discounted membership fee and receive access to benefits including professional certifications, micro-internships, and virtual career boot camps. Members also receive a weekly digital perk, such as training resources.
  • Digital Marketing Institute Unlike other professional organizations, DMI does not charge a membership fee. All members receive access to articles, webinars, podcasts, and the community forum. DMI also offers a premium membership, which includes discounts on marketing tools and professional toolkits. The institute partners with the AMA to provide a dual-certification program.

Scholarships for Digital Marketing Students

Students in digital marketing programs can apply for a variety of private scholarships. Most scholarship programs select recipients based on merit, and some accept applications multiple times per year. Typical scholarship application requirements include academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and an essay. The list below highlights a few scholarship opportunities for students pursuing a digital marketing degree.

10x digital Digital Marketing Scholarship

Who Can Apply: 10x digital offers this competitive award to high school seniors and college students majoring in digital marketing. Applicants must enroll in at least 10 credits each semester and must submit a 500-word essay on a prompt. Interested students must apply by June 1. The scholarship committee announces recipients on June 15.
Amount: $2,000

Socius Marketing Digital Marketing Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate learners studying marketing or a related field can apply for this award. Applicants need a minimum 3.5 undergraduate GPA and must submit an essay discussing marketing innovation. Socius Marketing accepts mailed applications postmarked by April 3.
Amount: $1,000

SEO Design Chicago Digital Marketing Scholarship

Who Can Apply: SEO Design Chicago awards this scholarship twice per year to college sophomores and juniors. Applicants need a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA and must be studying digital marketing or a related subject. Applicants must apply by July 1 for the fall semester or March 1 for the spring semester.
Amount: $500


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